Google TrueView and AdWords Working Together

Advertising on online video content is nothing new to Internet users but the way that advertising and video content is being combined is constantly changing. Not long ago Google’s well-known AdWords system was applied to video content and the TrueView ad system further adapted advertising to user activity. The TrueView system gives viewers more control over the advertisements they see by selecting what they view and when. Since advertisers only pay for ads that are seen by viewers, the money spent on video-based advertising is ultimately more effective. Together, TrueView and AdWords provide advertisers with some powerful promotional tools. Targeted Spending for a More Responsive Ad Campaign Giving viewers the option to view or skip past an advertisement results in a more engaged viewer; opting into the viewing experience indicates interest. TrueView ads that occur within the video stream (“in-stream”) can result in click-through rates of 4% or higher. Though this percentage mig


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