The 5 Best Ways to Make Your SEO Campaign More Efficient

One of the most interesting shifts that has taken place in recent years has been the one toward maximum efficiency. That’s especially true in the world of Internet marketing, where increased competition and an uncertain economy have meant that businesses of all sizes need to maximize the return they get for their time and effort. Because search engine optimization tends to be a cornerstone of most online marketing campaigns, it’s also an area where companies have to work smarter to make the biggest possible impact. With that in mind, here are 5 ways to make your SEO campaigns more efficient: 1. Do more keyword research. Many search engine optimization campaigns end up starting slowly, or not bringing in customers, simply because they are emphasizing the wrong keywords and phrases. A little bit of time invested in researching the right keywords in the beginning can save you lots of trouble and expense later. 2. Study your web analytics closely. Successful search engine optimization cam


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