3 Enduring Truths About Search Engine Optimization

Over the past decade, we have seen search engine optimization move first from a set of interesting ideas, then to a web marketing cornerstone, and finally a multi-billion-dollar art and science all rolled into one. But as the stakes and competition continue to grow, and SEO becomes more studied and analyzed, there are some things that truly never change. And so, if you want to maximize your search engine ranking, there are three enduring SEO truths you should keep in mind. 1. Customers and search engines both are getting more specific. The massive proliferation of business websites means that customers are getting more specific with what they want to find. The major search engines, in turn, are getting better at sorting through results and factoring in more complicated keywords, geographic location, and other factors. The net result is that it’s important for most small and medium-sized businesses that your search campaign be geared towards a smaller group of targeted customers. 2. To

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