Pet Home Videos 101

Reptile owners are typically lucky when it comes to taking great pet home videos. Snakes are impressive, and many of them move slowly. Similarly, taking a video clip of an iguana can make a statement without being crazy-making. Feline and canine owners often find that a home video session can turn into a game of tag or hide-and-go-seek in a heartbeat. It is important to think one step ahead of your pet before taking home videos that have a “wow” factor. After all, you are the human, right? Get Your Pet Used to the Camera Some pets have stage fright. Everything can be great until you whip out the camera with the little red light on it, and a chase can ensue. Have your camera around, and get your pet used to the idea of it being there before trying to videotape an exceptionally cute or cool trick. Be patient. Some pets could care less, and others can have a minor freak out by nature. Feed your pet treats when he gets close to the camera to create a positive association with the hand


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