Why Your Firm’s Reputation Is Important for Growth

It’s true that lawyers might be at the crux of many bad jokes, but the reputation that your firm builds is vital to growth.

5 Star Reviews 300x169 Why Your Firm’s Reputation Is Important for Growth

Think about it: if you have two lawyers, one who has a history of winning cases and another who is known to lose cases often, which lawyer are your clients likely to turn to? The one who is known for winning cases. What about a lawyer your clients haven’t even heard of? They still are unlikely to choose someone they have no information about.

Managing your firm’s reputation is important because technology makes communication easier, social media affects your search engine rankings, and people make quick decisions about the information they find about your firm online. If you’re not managing your reputation, you’re likely damaging it.

Technology Makes It Easier for People to Talk

It takes only seconds to get online and post a comment on social media about anything. You don’t even have to do it from a computer thanks to the advancement of technology on mobile devices. A client can have a visit with one of your lawyers and immediately post a review after leaving the office. It’s important that your attorneys are representing your firm in a good light because if they don’t, clients will let other people know, and this could affect your firm’s ability to grow.

Social Media Affects Your Search Engine Rankings

What people are saying about your firm on social media has a direct effect on how high you are ranked in search engine results. If they are saying good things, following you, and sharing content from your firm with their friends, you’re more likely to land a higher ranking. You also get increased exposure across social networking sites. Damaging comments and reviews can spread just as quickly, however; monitoring what people are saying about your firm on social media allows you to perform damage control before things get out of hand.

People Make Quick Decisions Based on Reviews and Information They Find Immediately

This means that if you have been inactive on any of your online accounts for a few years or have done little to counter the effects of a negative—or even a less positive—review posted online, you could be losing clients due to outdated information or harmful evaluation of your services. When clients have a good experience with your services, they are likely to tell the people they know about it, which could lead to more clients coming to you. Make sure the reviews and information potential clients are seeing are positive.

People Want Lawyers They Can Trust

When it comes to the law, people want lawyers with a good reputation and who are trustworthy. Your reputation speaks volumes about your firm before a client sets foot in your door. In order for your firm to grow, you need a good reputation. If you’re not monitoring what people are saying about your services online, then you could be doing more harm than good for your reputation. Stay on top of what your clients and others are saying, and make sure every member of your firm is representing your services the way they should be.

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Ed can be reached at
855-943-8736 (or visit his websites)


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