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TV Advertising Leads Service for Personal Injury Attorneys

BusinessCreator, Inc. announces the launch of a new TV Advertising Leads program, a service created to deliver live calls directly from major network tv stations to personal injury attorneys from accident victims seeking a lawyer.


Digital Advertising Program Service Designed for Attorneys

New Digital Advertising Program, a service created to utilize the power of Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising to increase the number of phone calls to a law firm.

How Search Marketing is Different from Social Media Advertising

When you want to attract targeted traffic to your landing pages quickly, Internet advertising can be a fast, efficient, and economical solution. But are you better off using a search marketing platform, such as Google AdWords, or social media adverti…

Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Instant Traffic and Measurable Business ROI

PPC Advertising: Online Marketing with Instant, Highly-targeted Traffic and Measurable ROI for Your Business

Business owners are reluctant to engage in online marketing activities not because they don’t want to see their website online, or the…

The Benefits of Advertising on Facebook and Other Social Networking Sites

Traditional advertising, including newspaper, magazine, and radio advertising, is slowly dying. An increasing number of business owners are turning to ads on Facebook and other social networking sites because they promise a higher return on investm…

Benefits of PPC Adverstising

Benefits of PPC Advertising More and more businesses are realizing how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can complement their “organic” SEO. PPC provides instant, targeted traffic. Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.www.BusinessCreatorPlus.com and http://www.SmartestPhoneApps.com Related Posts:No Related PostsThe post Benefits of PPC Adverstising appeared first on Dominate The Search Results Pages.

Google TrueView and AdWords Working Together

Advertising on online video content is nothing new to Internet users but the way that advertising and video content is being combined is constantly changing. Not long ago Google’s well-known AdWords system was applied to video content and the TrueView ad system further adapted advertising to user activity. The TrueView system gives viewers more control over the advertisements they see by selecting what they view and when. Since advertisers only pay for ads that are seen by viewers, the money spent on video-based advertising is ultimately more effective. Together, TrueView and AdWords provide advertisers with some powerful promotional tools. Targeted Spending for a More Responsive Ad Campaign Giving viewers the option to view or skip past an advertisement results in a more engaged viewer; opting into the viewing experience indicates interest. TrueView ads that occur within the video stream (“in-stream”) can result in click-through rates of 4% or higher. Though this percentage mig