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Do NOT Be Fooled By Fake Claims About Google Ranking

Do NOT be fooled by fake claims.  Do NOT believe claims that state they will “ALWAYS gets Page 1 Rankings On Google” or they won’t charge you.
Is it even Ethical to Guarantee Results?
According to Google…the answer to the question above is


How To Take Down Fake Reviews

Unfortunately, getting a fake review on your Google My Company profile is not an uncommon event. In fact, it’s relatively common and something many businesses have experienced it one way or the other. Both Amazon and Yelp have sued fake review posters. Also, in New York, action was taken by the State Attorney General against Continue reading “How To Take Down Fake Reviews”

Negative SEO and Fake Reviews: How to Protect Your Business

Competition in a lot of businesses has always been fierce, but now it’s getting downright dirty. That’s evidenced by the fact that businesses all over the country are seeing a rise in negative SEO and fake online reviews. In each case, the idea i…