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When clients search for your law firm on Google, what do they find?

Adding your listing to the search engine is key to getting calls, clicks and visits.

The accuracy of your firm’s listing information across the internet builds confidence in your potential clients. It signals to them that your law firm is reputable, reliable and gets the details right. At ForLawFirmsOnly, we track local law firm listings on more than 70 online directories. You want to make a good impression with potential clients by presenting accurate listings on every one of these sites.


The consistency of your firm’s information also builds confidence when it is crawled by search engines—including the most-used search engine, Google. Accurate law firm listings will help boost your reputation in search results, ensuring that it’s seen by more clients at the moment they’re searching for a law firm like yours.

Google search results rely heavily on data included in Google My Business listings. As a rule, if you want your law firm to show up on Google search results, it helps a great deal to list your company on Google My Business.

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Listing your company on Google will ensure that your correct name, address and phone number (NAP), law firm hours, products and services, map location, photos, and even special promotions are listed across all of Google. This is the single most important listing your law firm can have online.

But remember, your Google My Business profile is only as good as you make it. It’s necessary to edit your profile to reflect any change in location, phone number, services offered or hours of operation.

For the sake of consistency (and better placement in search engine results), make sure the information on your Google My Business profile matches the information on your website, your social media profiles and all other online directory sites on the internet.

Keep your law firm listings accurate and rich with details about your firm, and you’ll increase your visibility online and among clients looking to do business with you!

Do you need to update your law firm listings? Start with ForLawFirmsOnly’s free Online Marketing Report to find and fix errors and boost your local search ranking.

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