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Why Audit My Website?

The Importance of A Website Audit and How It Effects Site Ranking and Conversion
The ultimate aim of a business is to increase conversions, be it brick and mortar or an online business. In order to get those results, your website will have to rank o…


The Importance of Customer Retention — An Empirical Study

As a startup founder or entrepreneur, you’re hyper focused on growth. This growth typically leads to the following results (in order): 1) more customers, 2) more revenue, 3) more employees…and repeat. Yet often times, founders approach customer g…

UT Law Alum Rudy Metayer On The Importance Of Representation, From The State Bar To ‘Beauty And The Beast’

As lawyers, let’s use our connections to help everyone in the world around us.[Read More …] Source: Daily Dose of Law Be Sociable, Share!Follow Us!

The Importance of Blogs to Increase Your Law Firm’s Google Rankings

Your law firm’s website is optimized with the right types of pages, the correct language, and it is enhanced with engaging and interesting videos. However, your Google rankings are static and you are not sure why. One possible reason is that your o…

50 stats that show the importance of online reviews

92% of consumers now read online reviews vs. 88% in 2014
40% of consumers form an opinion by reading just one to three reviews vs. 29% in 2014
Star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business
44% say a review …

Importance Of Local Buzz

Beyond Local Online Presence: How Your Local Business Can Keep the Cash Register Ringing with ‘Local Buzz’

According to statistics, an overwhelming 78% of consumers research about products and services on the Internet before buying locally. …

Mobile Marketing: Why My Business Should Go Mobile

Mobile marketing is growing in importance as mobile devices become staples in our everyday lives. By 2015, more people will access the web from their mobile devices than from their desktop computers, according to Morgan Stanley. Mobile marketing helps businesses generate more leads, increase sales, boost website traffic, and get ahead of the competition. Nevertheless, many businesses are still stuck in the age of desktop Internet, failing to take advantage of the promotional opportunities that the mobile web offers. People spend less time in front of their computer screens and more time out and about. They are in and out of meetings, waiting in line at the supermarket, in between appointments, riding on commuter trains or sitting in traffic. One of the most effective ways to reach people, no matter where they happen to be, is through mobile marketing because people carry their smartphones or other mobile devices with them almost everywhere they go. Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Web