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Another Law Firm Merger That Could Lead To Layoffs

Congratulations to Dentons on its pending merger with Maclay Murray & Spens, announced in July and expected to close in late October or early November. The Dentons acquisition of Maclay Murray, one of Scotland s largest independent firms, gives the Biglaw behemoth an even stronger platform in the United Kingdom. It also represents continued growth for Continue reading “Another Law Firm Merger That Could Lead To Layoffs”


Linkedin Guidelines For Lawyers

As a law firm, there are a number of avenues which can help your firm build credibility online. From starting your own blog to answering questions on lawyer help forums. A platform that many businesses don’t seem to tap into is Linkedin, which we

Will All Law Firms Eventually Go Virtual? Live Conversation With Rimon P.C. Founder Michael Moradzadeh

Remind me again why do law firms need expensive office space?[Read More ] Source: Daily Dose of Law Be Sociable, Share!Follow Us!

Non-Sequiturs: 07.14.17

* Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken argues that free speech is safe on law school campuses, because law students are better prepared to hear controversial arguments. It s a nice thought. It s also the early leader in the famous last words clubhouse. 1500137236 * By quoting Martin Luther King Jr., Jeff Sessions mocks him. [Jezebel] Continue reading “Non-Sequiturs: 07.14.17”

Increase your Conversions on your Law Firm Website with these Tips

How to Increase Conversions on Your Law Firm Website There are literally hundreds of thousands of websites of lawyers and law firms trying to get the interest of potential clients. With so much competition on the Internet, a law firm s website only has a few seconds to engage site visitors. According to the 2013 Law Continue reading “Increase your Conversions on your Law Firm Website with these Tips”

In Defense Of Personal Relationships In The Practice Of Law

In what ways has your law practice changed over the past decade or so?[Read More ] Source: Daily Dose of Law Be Sociable, Share!Follow Us!

Should Law Firms Still Use The Billable Hour?

We re hosting a fresh conversation about the billable hour in 2017. Follow along here![Read More ] Source: Daily Dose of Law Be Sociable, Share!Follow Us!